We help Independent Businesses Grow with a focus on Strategy, Tools and Values.

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How we can help you grow your business

Why use Inspired Indie?

(Doing my best to look earnest.)

Our mission is to help Independent Businesses grow with values. We bring you strategies and tools used by the biggest companies, but always with a focus on you, the owner, your employees, your customers and your community.

I'm Iyas. I grew and led a team of nearly 500 in an independent consultancy. We used technology to improve business, marketing and operations for companies like Virgin, Barclays and Debenhams. Our culture got us the best staff, which fuelled success, fulfilment and fun. I started Inspired Indie to focus on Independent Companies.

So what?
  1. Grow your business. With our experience, and the rapid evolution of technology, we can help you scale your business out of all proportion to your investment doing things that until now only large corporates could do.
  2. Keep your values as you grow. We focus hard on values. Not just because we're nice (which we are!), but because when it's done right, it becomes a virtuous cycle. It does good and leads to financial success.
  3. Helping independents succeed is not just our business plan - it's our mission. I've been on both sides: corporate and independent. Independents are more flexible, more agile, more direct. And more fun.

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